Cast and Crew

(From left to right) Leslie Gray, Bernice Delos Reyes, Nathalie Kozak, Andrija Alaric, Allanah Avalon

(From left to right) Leslie Gray, Bernice Delos Reyes, Nathalie Kozak, Andrija Alaric, Allanah Avalon

Allanah Avalon


Allanah Avalon is a New Zealand/Russian multidisciplinary theater artist focused on directing and design based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She is graduating from New York University Abu Dhabi with a B.A. in Theater and minor in Creative Writing. 



Nathalie Kozak


Nathalie is a Chilean/Argentinian theater student who is mainly interested in acting. She is interested in finding the meeting point between theory and practice, and hopes to incorporate other art forms into her work.


Bernice Delos Reyes


Bernice is a student at New York University Abu Dhabi, studying theater with a Minor in Social Research & Public Policy. She was born and raised in Manila, Philippines where she first discovered her love for theater through her international school education. She is currently in the pursuit of honing her artistic process and body of work, drawing inspiration from her exposure to global theater and adventures around her home country, as well as the Middle East, Europe, and the United States.


Andrija Klaric


Andrija is a sound and interaction designer. From Serbia, but born and raised in Botswana, he studied sound and music computing, and interactive media arts, at NYU between Abu Dhabi, New York and Paris. His sound-based work includes sound design for theatre, electro-acoustic compositions for ensembles and individual performers. He also integrates video, light, and physical computing, and has worked on several interactive installations and audio-visual performance pieces.


Leslie Gray 



Leslie is a current junior at NYU Abu Dhabi. He's currently pursuing a degree in theater, an endevaour that generally manifests itself in lighting design, but also loves to explore Middle Eastern culture and politics as well as gender studies. In his free time, he can either be found on the soccer pitch or planning his next lighting rig.


Costumes by Tala Nassar, Graphic Design by Davis Teague